Eagle Roll

Troop 42 would like to recognize our Eagle Scouts dating back to 1958.

1958 Fred H


1971 Eric S


1972 Evan S


1980 Hubert N


1982 Richard R


1983 Daniel M
Scott G
James N Jr.
1989 Jarrod N
Eric J
Ed M
1998 David K


1999 Jonathan R. B


2000 Matthew P
Frank A
Joseph P
Christopher B
2002 Vincent T


2006 Ryan H
Gerard C
Jonathan C
Kenneth O
2009 – 2010 Marvin H
Francis F
Jonathan P
Chad A
Charles Z
2013 Chris G
Mike G
2014 Nick K


2016 Patrick N


2017 Alec H
Aaron E
2018 Anthony M
Denis M
2020 Adam H
Daniel M
Vrishin S
Christopher  M
Ryan E
2021 Kolby S

Andrew M